100 BMOA Sponsored Students and Mentees as They Study Abroad

The members of the 100 Austin chapter felt it was important that our students explore things outside of their neighborhood.  This year, we decided to take it beyond their wildest dreams by sponsoring our mentees and students as they study abroad.  The 100 sponsored 4 students to study abroad in Dubai (2), (New Zealand 1), and Cape Town (1).  Jayden Bright and Jaylen Lee went to Dubai this past March and it was life changing for both of them.  The others plan to study abroad during Maymester and this upcoming summer.

Jaylen Lee said, “Traveling abroad to Dubai and Abu Dhabi was a surreal experience the opened my eyes up a lot.  I can’t thank the 100 enough for helping make this possible!”

2022 SIFMA Stock Market Competition/Hands on Banking

The 100 Black Men of Austin, Inc. hosted its 2nd virtual SIFMA Stock Market Competition to high school students.  The Stock Market Game is an online simulation of the global capital markets and engages students in grades 4-12 in the world of economics, investing and personal finance with the goal of preparing them for financially independent futures. Participants are given a virtual $100,000 to invest in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds over a 10 – week period (January – April). Played as a team of 3-5 members, students develop and enhance skills in leadership, management, research, problem solving, and team-building.  NFP, Chase Bank, and Teacher Retirement Systems of Texas (TRS) partnered with the 100 to share their expertise and provide mentoring resources along the way. This year, we included a hands on banking initiative where we taught the importance of opening bank accounts and stressing the importance of saving money.  Students received stipends and a book “Across the Tracks” about Black Wall Street.