Mentoring is an important part of our mission. All of our 100 Black Men of Austin members that mentor must:

  • Go through a rigorous third party mentorship training process.
  • Pass a thorough background check.
  • Complete a minimum number of hours doing direct community service and/or mentoring activities each year.


The 100 Black Men of Austin, Inc. seeks to serve as a beacon of leadership by utilizing our diverse talents to create environments where our children are motivated to achieve, and to empower our people to become self-sufficient shareholders in the economic and social fabric of the communities we serve.

Featured Members

Llyas Salahud-din - 100 Black Men of Austin Member

100 Black Men of Austin Member, Llyas Salahud-din shares his journey from the foster care system and the impact that […]

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Karl Spencer - 100 Black Men of Austin President

100 Black Men of Austin President, Karl Spencer, reflects on the powerful impact of role models and mentors in his […]

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