100 BMOA/GMZ Suit Up

The 100 Black Men of Austin partnered with Greater Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church to give out suits to young men in need of a suit at Huston-Tillotson University.  Thanks to Dionte McClendon (3rd left), 100 member and GMZ member for coordinating the efforts.  30 suits were handed out to HT students.

2018 Huston-Tillotson Summer Bridge Program

The Huston-Tillotson Summer Bridge Program is a six-week program focusing on Self-Awareness for the incoming freshman at Huston-Tillotson University.  The 100 BMOA goal is to prepare the students for success in college and prepare for the future.

Week One: Finding Yourself

▪ Passion

▪ Define Your Strengths

▪ The Three C’s (Courage, Character, Confidence)

▪ Transition from home to college.

Week Two: Defining Yourself

▪ If You Don’t, They Will

▪ Brand Yourself

▪ Be Real

▪ Educational Plan (Courses, Internships, GPA, Etc.)

Week Three: Establishing and Controlling Your Image

▪ Clear and Defined

▪ Consistent Image

▪ It Takes a Commitment

▪ Live It Every Day

▪ Relationships on campus (Student life, Community)

Week Four: Sharpening Your Brand

▪ Authenticity is Key (always be authentic)

▪ Transparency

▪ Relationship

▪ Financial Literacy (Financial Goals, Scholarships, School / Life Balance)

Week Five: Appearance Matters

▪ First Impressions

▪ Rise Out of The Crowd

▪ True Reflection

▪ Dress For Success

▪ Etiquette

Week Six: Branding Personality Traits

▪ Identify Your Unique Values

▪ Be Bold/ Think Outside The Box

▪ Fail. Learn. Apply. Succeed.

▪ Leadership (Recap of the institute)

▪ Words from the Wise

▪ Lessons Learned

▪ Completion of Action Plans and Evaluations

Travis County Sheriff Training Worshop

Kevin Cokley of the 100 BMOA was invited by the Travis County Sheriff Office to do a 4-hour training workshop for the upcoming graduating cadets.  June 7, 2018, Dr. Cokley’s trained the officers on Fear vs Danger, Perception, and De-Esculation Challenges and Techniques.

Collegiate 100 – Huston- Tillotson

The 100 BMOA welcomed it’s first Collegiate 100 on the campus of Huston-Tillotson University.  Special thanks to Taurin Roberts, Wayne Knox, Bernette Blake, Jeffrey Pierce, and Michael Victorian (Baton Rouge 100 chapter) for their hard work and diligence to make the C100 come to fruition.