Civil Rights Activist/Author Pays a Visit to Austin During Black History Month

The 100 Black Men of Austin and Black Pearl Books nonprofit, Put it in a Book, partnered to bring Civil Rights Activist and Author, Ernest McMillan to Austin.  Mr. Ernest McMillan is a veteran human rights activist with a history of working through the 60’s in Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia with the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), and throughout the 80’s with the National Black United Front and the United League of Mississippi. McMillan served as the Chairman of the Dallas SNCC from 1967- 1969.  

Ernest McMillan visited the University of Texas, Huston Tillotson University, and Texas Empowerment Academy to speak on his experiences during the Civil Rights Movement, his books, and shared his wisdom to the students on all walks of life coming together for the right causes (humanity, dignity, and freedom).  Mr. McMillan ended his trip with an intimate moment at Black Pearl Books with 100 members, families, and friends.