100 Austin Chapter Place 2nd in Wells Fargo National Junior Investment Challenge

Jayden Bright and Jaylen Lee represented the 100 Austin Chapter as one of the top teams of the Wells Fargo/SIFMA Stock Market competition. They gave a stock presentation on the stocks they chose during the 10-week competition virtually at the 100 Black Men of America National Conference.  Jayden and Jaylen finished 2nd overall nationally and they represented themselves and their families well.  Job Well Done!


The 100 Black Men of Austin Awarded 16 Scholarships to the First Graduating Class at Texas Empowerment Academy

The 100 Black Men of Austin, Inc. partnered with Texas Empowerment Academy 2 years ago and made a commitment to make change in the Austin Community.  This school has been in existence over 20 plus years and we’re fortunate to be a part of its first graduating class.  As part of our support of Texas Empowerment Academy, we’ve provided all 16 students with a scholarship as 100% of the class is attending college this Fall.  We’re proud of the students and hope they will have a fruitful and success college experience.


Texas Coalition of 100 Black Men Chapters Support House Bill 88 (George Floyd Act) During the 87th Legislative Session at the Capitol

The Texas Coalition of 100 Black Men Chapters (Austin, Beaumont, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, West Texas) came together at the Capitol to support House Bill 88 (George Floyd Act) during the 87th Texas Legislative session.  The Coalition spoke with legislators to find ways to support the bill at the Capitol and was acknowledged on the House floor.  100 members also held a reception and luncheon to support our initiatives as 100 chapters and spoke with members of the Black Caucus.