2020 So Far

To members and stakeholders of the 100 Black Men of Austin, we pray all is well with you and your families. We also extend our condolences to any and all who have lost a loved one during these trying times.

Although times have been tough, the 100 has not stopped its mission to improve the greater Austin community. Due to the fact that we are all so spread out and spread thin, we thought it would be a good idea to recap where we have been and where we are going for the year 2020.

As of October 11th, 2020 the 100 has accomplished the following:



13 members became (VDRs) Voter Deputy Registrars

Texas Empowerment Community Forum (Donated 10k)


During Covid
1. Raised $5,000 to help purchase 40 computers for Texas Empowerment students.

2. Volunteered and donated $2,000 to the Manor TX Covid-19 Task Force.

3. Participated in the American Heart Association Cycle Nation virtual event.

4. Members took part in the African American History curriculum being implemented in Texas High Schools.

5. 100 president spoke at the Manor Juneteenth event.

6. Donated $2,500 to the Colony Park Neighborhood Back to School Bash.

7. Purchased 20+ African American books to the Tippitt Middle School Library.

8. Started our Vote is Your Voice Campaign. 61,000 direct-mail voter registration forms across Texas to get people registered to vote.  As of today, including the VDRs registering people, we’re at 5,025 Texans registered to vote! Voter PSA ran on FOX 53 times, our social media platform was a huge success, and the team is currently working on a Vote PSA that will run through November 3rd.

9. Implemented a police task force that will start once Covid-19 subsides.

10. BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL  sponsored the 100 by hosting a 5k and donating $1,500 to the organization.

11. Members volunteered with Women in Business to deliver food to the elderly.

12. VP of Economic Development and Treasurer raised over $25,000 over the past 6 months to offset the expenses above.

13. Donated $1,100 to the Spectrum Theatre Company.

14. Sponsored 8 rising 100 members to participate in the I Live Here I Give Here Internship Program.

15.  Internal accomplishment – New membership application and orientation process.

16. Partnered with The Children’s Haven Association to launch the Family Pot Project at Texas Empowerment Academy.


Upcoming Events

1. Texas Empowerment Academy – TXEA has started a podcast interviewing professionals to air during their virtual classes.

2. American Heart Association – Virtual Heart Walk October 24, 2020.

3. Knot Standard Dress for Success Initiative – 5 – 10 High School seniors will take part in 2 virtual sessions and a private socially distant event at their studio before the holidays.

4. 2021 New Member application. The membership coordinator will introduce the 2021 new member application in October for the class of 2021. Please reach out if you are interested in referring a person for membership or joining yourself.

5. 100 Get out and Early Vote – We are organizing a day where all of us get out and early vote. Please see the VOTE PSA below that will run until November 3.

6. Membership List – Members should update their information by October 30th on the list.