100 Black Men of Austin June Newsletter

100 Black Men of Austin June Newsletter


100 Black Men of Austin Official Statements on the Ongoing Protests


As black men we are all deeply concerned about the continual state sanctioned slayings of our people. This has gone on far too long and we cannot afford to be silent.
Although there are ongoing protests occurring locally, national, and abroad we have decided not to participate as an organization. However, we will do not discourage individual participation and members can choose to attend as individuals. The executive board made this decision in light of the fact that the potential for violence is becoming increasingly high in Austin and across the country.
If you do have a desire to protest, we encourage you to be safe, wear a mask, and we ask you to not wear 100 Black Men of Austin merchandise.

Upcoming Events

Voter Registration Plan
The 100 Black men of Austin has decided that our greatest contribution to the national discourse will be to encourage our community to exercise its civic power by voting. In order to do this we have created a 3 step process.
Step 1: Become a Registrar
The first way to empower our community is to receive the proper training and become a registrar. Brother James Matlock has arranged for the 100 to have access to voter registrar(VDR) training virtually. In order to register please click on the button below. There are dates open weekly from June until August.
Step 2: Registering in The Community
After a portion of the 100 BMOA become registrars we plan on going out in the community and registering people at grocery stores and events. We will hand out mail-in voter registration forms in East Austin and Colony Park, Pflugerville, and Round Rock.
Step 3: Staffing Polling Stations
We will also be staffing/volunteering polling stations to make sure we help the voting process. This will include working as poll workers and volunteering to assist voters by providing masks, water, and snacks June 29th – July 14th. We’re about to get 1,000 – 3,000 masks to help with this initiative. More will come as the November Election comes nearer.

Recent Events 

Dr. Kevin Cokley’s Continual Exposure of The Black Experience
One of our most active members, Kevin Cokley, has been speaking and publishing about the black experience as it relates to police violence for his career. Dr. Cokley is the Oscar and Anne Mauzy Regents Professor of Educational Research and Development and director of the Institute for Urban Policy Research and Analysis at The University of Texas at Austin. He is also a fellow of the UT System Academy of Distinguished Teachers. He has recently been interviewed and put out a publication regarding the issues of the day. Please click the link for Dr. Cokley’s Interview with Fox 7 Austin and read his Op Ed in The Hill.

The 100 Black Men of Austin Help out the Food Bank in Manor

Recently, the 100 Black men of Austin helped The Central Texas Food Bank deliver healthy food to the Manor community. Community organizer Monique Celedon and had been running her food pantry with minimal staff and financial resources. Even short staffed and cash poor, she’s given out food to over 10,000 families since COVID-19 started. The 100 was moved by her passion for helping the community. The 100 BMOA stepped up and volunteered. Furthermore, have also decided to give Monique and the Central Texas Food bank a $2000 donation to help the cause.








Other Community Events