Fundraiser to Purchase computers for Texas Empowerment Academy – COVID 19

Texas Empowerment Academy needed 40 computers for students during COVID 19.  The 100, Amherst Holdings LLC, and other community leaders collaboratively raise $12,000 to purchase Chromebooks.


Quote from Llyas Salahud-Din of Texas Empowerment Academy;


Special thanks to 100 BLACK MEN OF AUSTIN (Brotherhood is strong), Family Foundation match ❤️, Shafeeqa Watkins Giarratani (Development Council & Advisory Member), Denise E. Herrera, PhD, MCHES (you’re the best), Ryan Coaxum (Development Council & Advisory Member), Scott LooperRam S.Mitchell KilbyRoosevelt WeeksDon WardMichael LewisKarl SpencerReggie MitchellKevin CokleyApril Rose, Eric Collier, Eddie Southard, and Arthur Johnson, Samuel Riley, Carl Settles Jr. (thanks for donating a computer)! #collaboration


Texas Empowerment Community Forum – The State of Black America

The 100 Black Men of Austin, Inc. and Texas Empowerment Academy hosted a community forum to discuss the state of Black America.  They were community leaders, and families in attendance to discuss next steps (education, finances, home ownership, politics, etc).  The 100 presented a $10,000 new building contribution to Texas Empowerment Academy.



Martin Luther King Day at the Austin Spurs

We’re kicking off 2020 with Texas Empowerment Academy and the 100 attending the “The Dream” game at the Austin Spurs.  We’re celebrating our 2019 accomplishments, beginning a new journey with Texas Empowerment Academy, and networking with potential new members to join the 100.